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Dust Collectors Sydney Australia

Welcome to Wheeler Machinery. We’re a family business that’s been in the dust and fume industry for over 30 years. Our specialty is providing Australian made dust collection products to workplaces from all industries.

At Wheeler Machinery, we’re dedicated to providing a high standard of workmanship on all our products. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting professional relationships derived from delivering quality goods and services at competitive prices.

If you’re after dust control solutions in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place.

Dust Controls Systems

We specialise in dust collectors and extractors, ranging from portable units to fully integrated systems. Our Wheel-Air brand is well known throughout the Australian woodworking industry. We can design and manufacture ducting to suit your specific requirements.

The best part is that all our products are manufactured in Australia. When you choose Wheeler Machinery, you’re helping Australian industries grow.

  • Cyclones

    Cyclone separators are one of the oldest air pollution control products on the market and we have a large experience manufacturing and installing cyclones.

  • Reverse air dust collector

    Reverse air dust collectors are a fantastic choice for many applications. A reverse air dust collector offers a high-performance cleaning system without requiring compressed air. This often leads to significant power savings.

  • Shaker dust collector

    The Wheeler shaker dust collector has been proven throughout Australia as a popular, reliable and high performing dust collector. Shaker dust collectors utilise a shaker motor to provide mechanical cleaning to the filter bags when the filter is turned off.

  • Static Bag Dust Collectors

    Static baghouses are a great option for many applications, simple by nature they are usually the budget option. Static baghouses have no active cleaning method so careful selection is required.

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